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Put a chocolate fountain in the party and success is guaranteed. This attractive and fun device offers you a different way to present a candy table or a buffet with different types of food, which delights all the guests, as well as the fondue. A chocolate fountain allows you to take pieces of fruit or cake, clouds, pretzels and everything your imagination and your logic indicate that you can bathe in hot chocolate. Present these foods in beautiful dishes and add spinners to your parties, and get ready for total fun.

What is the best chocolate for a chocolate fountain? How to use a chocolate fountain?

You can use any type of cocoa for your chocolate source, although the secret is in the percentage of cocoa. The higher the concentration of cocoa, the more art and fluidity the waves will have in your chocolate fountain. You can even put pure cocoa, and it will work like a charm.

When using the chocolate fountain, it is important to make sure that each sandwich and each toothpick comes to the fountain one time at a time. Place the chocolate fountain on a tablecloth the color of chocolate, and in a place away from the most crazy move of the party.

How to choose a chocolate fountain?

- You can choose a chocolate fountain or a fondue device, if you want to have several alternatives for your meetings at home.

- In case you do not plan to use it frequently, you could buy an inexpensive chocolate fountain. Yes, turn it off every half hour of use and let it rest at least five minutes, so that the chocolate fun is not interrupted.

- If you plan to use a chocolate fountain in your hotel or catering business, choose only one of professional category, because they are very durable and safe.
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