3 in 1 American Coffee Machine Automatic Coffee Grinder Steam Milk Frother Stainless Steel 24 Hours Appointment 12 Cup

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Brand: woyao13deng

Color: Silver


  • Straight-line automatic program: In order to make more pure coffee, the ground coffee beans are directly dropped into the filter to ensure the freshness of the coffee powder.
  • The straight-down design is easy to clean: Straight drop powder design, no coffee powder residue, clean edges.
  • Straight-down rate true personality: send the order, the machine starts to work.
  • Imitation manual automatic grinding: using a cone-shaped toner to comminute the coffee beans in the gap.
  • Arrival time: 20-30 working hours.

Publisher: woyao13deng




Capacity:12 Cup

Pressure:20 BAR


Water capacity:1.5L

Grinder speed:8 Gear


Packing size:392(L)**274(W)*498(H)mm

Main Material:stainless steel +glass(pot)+PP

EAN: 8508678451107