5 kg Premium Poultry Grass Seeds Herb Pasture Meadow Chickens hens Ducks Free Range

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Brand: pretty wild seeds


  • poultry grass seed
  • Grows in most soil tpes
  • Sow March to October
  • Certified seed

Publisher: perfect lawns

Details: All commercial free range birds must have access to outside forage during daylight hours. EC legislation requires that all poultry must have continuous daytime access to open runs which are 'mainly covered with vegetation' and with a maximum stocking density of 2,500 birds per hectare (1 bird per 4 square metres). Our Basic Poultry Pasture mix is based on short growing, hardwearing grass species to fulfil that legal requirement. This mixture contains red and white clover plus lots of other benificial herbs,This makes a significant contribution towards voluntary protein intake to any foraging bird. The sward will provide good ground cover and a very stable, robust pasture providing the area is rested for 8 weeks during the growing season to allow for plant regeneration. Sow at the higher rate for faster and more even establishment. 200g certified Sheeps Fescue 200g certified Hard Fescue 150g certified Red creeping Fescue 350g Hybrid Ryegrass lolium x bouchaenum 20g Bitter Blue Lupin 20g Sainfoin 10g Birdsfoot Trefoil 10g ABERPEARL certified White Clover 10g MERULA certified Red Clover 8g BURNET Forage Herb 4g CHICORY Forage Herb 14g VETCH Forage Herb 2g RIBGRASS Forage Herb 2g YARROW Forage Herb 12.5 to 50 grams per square metre Sow March to October

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