Climbing Technology Alpine Carabiner Insurer Discensore Up Function, Blue

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Brand: Climbing Technology

Color: blue


  • Alpine Up Kit climbing technology

Publisher: Aludesign

Details: Alpine Up is the most complete and versatile safety and abseiling device ever made. It is suitable for use in the mountains with half ropes, twin ropes or single ropes. The device is extremely versatile and allows abseiling with the twin rope in self-locking mode and offers three types of safety depending on the environment.The CLICK UP MODE (assisted manual braking) allows the protection of the forerunner on sporty multi-rope routes (drilling hooks and adhesive hooks), abseiling with the twin rope in self-locking mode by using the snap-in catch, absolute safety even if the rope is hooked in incorrectly. The DYNAMIC MODE (manual braking) allows the protection of the leader on alpine via ferratas and on alpine routes and ice climbs (securing with friends, nuts and hooks), effective and modulable braking with V-shaped braking grooves as in the tube, abseiling with twin and V-shaped braking grooves.The SAVING ART allows independent and self-blocking intermediate safety for one or two seconds, possibility of unlocking and progressive abseiling of a ladder under tension by inserting an express into the appropriate opening.Alpine Up is supplied with the special HMS Concept SGL HC carabiner with anodisation against wear and ACL system, which increases the breaking load of the lower axle. Additional Information: - Standard EN 15151-2: 2012 type-2 Dimensions Weight: 175 g Abseil & Safety Devices Type: Autotube Applications: lead climbing Rope type: Single ropes Material: Aluminium Self blocking

EAN: 8056734837759

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches