D@Qyn Submersible Pump DC 24V-Amphibious Frequency Conversion Energy Saving 60%, Waterless Protection,6500(L*H)

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Brand: D@Qyn


  • High efficiency, low loss, the work is more than the normal asynchronous motor pump energy saving more than 60%
  • Frequency conversion technology to ensure that the rated flow of the motor in different resistance conditions to different speed of work, inertia is small, rotation smooth, torque stability.
  • Low water absorption, low vibration, no electromagnetic interference, notes is very low
  • Can run in fresh water and sea water, Both land and water use, Power surge, running fast, Overload ability
  • Wear resistant ceramic shaft, built-in dry water protection, water protection and overload protection function, maintenance simple

Publisher: d@qyn

Details: Material: plastic, ceramic, copper
Product category: variable frequency water pump
Function: pumping
Style: variable frequency water pump
Category: Water pump
Brand: D@qyn
Main use: pumping water

EAN: 8173452914460