Dc24v Frequency Conversion Submersible Pump - Ultra-Quiet External Regulator 100-Speed Maximum Flow Rate Of 20% 100%, Amphibious With 2 In 1 Outlet Round Water Pump,10000L

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Brand: D@Qyn


  • Constant current speed regulation mode: After the pump is energized, it enters the constant current operation mode (adjusted by the "+,-" button, the display of the four digits is P***) a total of 100 files, by adjusting the "section" +,-" Press the button to adjust the power and speed of the pump. When the digital tube displays "p: 20-100%", it will enter the power adjustment mode. The user can adjust the flow according
  • FEED feeding pause button, feeding mode pauses pumping, and the fish automatically restarts after eating for ten minutes.
  • Energy saving, brushless sensing energy saving technology, energy saving
  • Safe and secure, high voltage transfer 24V low voltage design, active safety protection measures, safe and reliable
  • Mute: DC frequency conversion design fully enclosed noise reduction water blade, high temperature resistant ceramic axis, smooth and quiet operation

Publisher: d@qyn

Details: Material: ceramic + plastic
Product Category: Submersible Filter Pump
Color: white blue
Aquarium circulating water supply, water filtration, pond rockery landscaping, fountain
Multi-energy: amphibious, light seawater

This pump cannot be used by children without adult supervision.
Water shortage protection: when the pump is running normally, no water will be stopped and the protection will be stopped, and the control box will display ERR02
Reporting restart: within 10 seconds, the system will automatically restart and accumulate 5 times. After the system is down, it needs to be restarted before it can resume normal.
Fault alarm: When the system detects a fault, the corresponding fault code is displayed on the controller and a beep sounds.
When using on land, please fill the pump room with water first.
Please do not use in water above 35 °C
Control box installation position, pay attention to waterproof, prevent water splash on the control box
Do not put the pump in water more than 1.5 meters

EAN: 8173452914606