Small Kitchen Accessories Smart Display Digital Display Yogurt Machine Rice Wine Machine Natto Machine with 1 Liter Capacity Stainless Steel Liner

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Brand: Yogurt machine-ZHI MING

Color: White


  • Stainless steel liner, safe material, easy to clean, 1 liter capacity, just the amount of a family
  • Venting valve, allowing oxygen to enter, creating an environment for natto aerobic fermentation
  • Microcomputer timing, smart LCD display, easy to touch display
  • Ceramic cup liner, let you rest assured that yogurt, silicone cover, sealed bacteria (need to choose product 2),
  • 360 degree surround power heating technology, stereo constant temperature fermentation, high activity of bacteria

Publisher: ZHI MING

Details: color: White
Rated power: 15 watts,
Rated voltage: 220V, frequency: 50hz
Product size: 19cm*19cm*16cm
Product 1 includes: host +1 liter stainless steel liner
Product 2: Host +1 liter stainless steel liner + ceramic cup liner *4

Production process:
1. Add pure milk or fresh milk to the fermenting agent and mix evenly; 2. Cover the lid and turn on the power; 3. Press the function key to select the yogurt/rice/natto function and set the time.

Before making yogurt, you can add water (normal temperature) within 100ml to the body to shorten the fermentation time.
When the temperature is low in winter or when using chilled yoghurt, a small amount of warm water can be added to the body to improve temperature uniformity.

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