Smart Hydroponics Herb Garden Lights, Herb Seed Pod Kit Suitable for All Plants, Kit Mini Growing Plant LED Light Growing System, Desk Lamp for Reading Lights - Seeds Not Included - (Blue)

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  • NEW GENERATION LIGHT - Indoor herb garden light helps to accelerate the growth of indoor fresh herbs, flowers and more in this Hydroponic LED lighting. Buit-in auto sensor, 16 hours lighting time and 8 hours relax time everyday, automatically turn on/off. Surprised, with visible blue area, you can see it lacks of water so you can add water in time.
  • SELF-WATERING PLANT & SHORTAGE REMINDER - Indoor herbal garden don't require daily watering, it could auto irrigate for 2-3 weeks, which helps you to get rid of the annoyance of rotten roots caused by over is smart when the red light flashes and the Machine beep it reminds you to add water to level in the basin.
  • Two Auto Illumination Mode-- In plant mode, red & white led will be bright ,Works 16 hrs./Rest 8 hrs.Full spectrum LED grow light, top with auto sensor, can auto adjust the brightness according to ambient environment, base on actual need, auto turn on/off. Soft lighting system prevents seedling from being. In Reading mode,only white led will be bright ,it can adjust brightness levers when you press &hold the switch.
  • INDOOR HERB GARDEN - This hydroponics herb garden lights suitable for most seed culture such as lily, onion, colorful leaves of grass, basil, tomato and so on.
  • LIGHT SENSOR SAVE ENERGY - Ultra Low Power and high efficiency, plant growth promotion effect is obvious, Ideal for kids as well as they like Observe how plants grow every day.

Publisher: CHEE MONG

Details: Indoor Herb Garden Kit
Imagine fresh herbs and vegetables grown in your home
You can grow herbs, vegetables, basil, thyme, chives, mint, coriander, parsley, cilantro, tomatoes, rosemary, peppers and strawberries, salad greens, flowers...
We believe growing plants indoor Looks great on your window sili

LED Indoor Hydroponics Kit, how can we use it here

Fill water into water level put planting pods into basin
Adjust LED light angle to the corrcet line
Last Connect adaptor. Also you can transplant some plant with soil into pods directly
But do not transplant plants that are higer than the light body because it may be affect your plant.
You'd better put the machine dask avoid kids touching it
After using this product 10-16 hours you should turn off it to make sure enough rest time

Indoor Gardening Kit Feature

Connect with power the green light will be on
Press on/off button: The brightness of the white light can be switched round
In planting mode, the LED light will be weak or even goes out if the day light/house light is strong;
on the contrary, the LED light will be strong if the day light/house light is weak

Two light modes plant growth lighting (Red):

Equipped with professional full spectrum LED plant grow light, which integrates perfectly Wavelength and intensity,
creates a good indoor environment for your beloved
Reading lamp lighting (White):
Natural Light protects eyes
Full Spectrum 8 Watt LED lighting system is tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to
maximize photosynthesis resulting in rapid natural growth and abundant harvests
Our hydroponic system is environment friendly and energy saving


1 x Indoor Hydroponics Grow Garden light
1x Standard UK and EU adaptor
1 x User Manual
Elegant Gift Package
Seeds Not Included

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Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.0 x 4.9 inches