Xingyue Mythology LED String Lights Personalized Wine Glass Lights Interior Decoration Hanging Lights Christmas Lights Bar Decorated With Red Lights

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Brand: Xingyue Mythology


  • Product Name: LED glass lantern Material: copper wire/plastic/electronic components/transparent connection wire power: 3W style: Battery color: Red flashing mode: steady
  • LED series lamp personality glass lantern interior decoration hanging Christmas lantern bar Decorative Lights Red
  • The atmosphere effect is good, can be used for wedding ceremonies, holiday decorations, cafes, pubs, shops, landscaping and other occasions.
  • LED copper lamp, cold light source, not easy to heat. Luminous Purity. Long service life.
  • Glass shape, small personality. To create a beautiful artistic conception. Add a little spice to your monotonous life and make life full of surprises.

Publisher: Xingyue Mythology


Product Name: LED Glass lantern

Material: copper wire/plastic/electronic components/transparent connecting wire

Power: 3W

Style: Battery

Color: Red

Flashing mode: Steady

Spec.: 2m (20 lamp) glass high 5cm caliber 5cm

Features: Light soft natural life long use simple

Applicable scene: Street greening decoration, party background layout, birthday parties, commercial decoration, shop beautification, bedroom dress up, corridor lighting and other occasions can be used.

Note: Although the lamp bead is waterproof, but put in outdoor use or need to be the controller and the joint package, the interface at the end of the head, so as to avoid the rain water intrusion caused by leakage.

EAN: 6955561167256