YumCars 2X Combo Shampoo & Wheel Cleaner.

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Brand: YumCars


  • Super slick shampoo and active wheel cleaner combo.
  • Thoroughly clean the entire exterior part of the car with these 2 potent detailing products.

Publisher: YumCars

Details: YumCars Car Shampoo is a concentrated, high performance, pH neutral shampoo that provides extreme slickness. Our formula prevents spotting even when washing in direct sunlight or with hard water. Use with a foam cannon for best results and extra slickness. - Safely removes dirt, pollen, soot and other contaminants. - Does not remove wax or sealants or dry out plastics and rubber. - Creates a huge amount of super slick suds in a bucket or foam cannon. - Rinses clean without streaks. WARNING: if ingested, DO NOT induce vomiting. Contact a doctor immediately. INSTRUCTIONS: Pour 1-2 oz of YumCars Shampoo directly into your wash mitt or pad. Spray hose directly into your wash mitt or pad to disperse shampoo and create suds. fill bucket 3/4 full with water. Rinse vehicle with pressure washer or hose, wash top to bottom following the Two Bucket Method outlined in our YouTube videos, then rinse again. To ease drying and enhance gloss and depth of the paint, spray a fine mist of YumCars Detail Spray onto the wet vehicle. Dry vehicle with the YumCars plush drying towel. PRO TIP: Use the YumCars Two Bucket Wash Method with Grit guards to minimise wash induced damage. watch our video for an explantion of the Two Bucket Washing.YumCars Wheel Cleaner is the most high performance and technologically advanced wheel cleaner you've ever tried, it is a pH neutral formula that specifically targets iron and metallic particles left behind by today's modern brakes whilst also containing vital degreaser to remove road film and other contaminants. - Safe on painted, powder coated, clear coated and chrome wheels. - Thick gel like viscosity clings to wheels for excellent cleaning power. - Dissolves brake dust, road grime and dirt. - Colour changes to purple as its working!